Longopac Videos

Welcome to our range of Longopac videos, designed to show the unique Longopac system in actions. This remarkable technology has so many benefits for your business. Please feel free to browse our brochures, contact us for more details, or for an online appointment today.

Reduce labour costs by 38%
With Longopac, each liner takes just 20 seconds to change, and there’s up to 160m of continuous liner ready for immediate re-lining.

Because the Longopac liners are always 100% full, less time is spent transporting waste around site.

Also, the 4x stronger strength of the liner means there’s no wasted time double bagging or cleaning up from split liners.

How does Longopac compare to a traditional bin liner?

Paying for air to be collected?
Reduce your waste volumes by up to 50%

COVID-19 Safe Waste Bins - Easi Recycling Longopac

Longopac Waste Bag
Strength Test

How strong are your bin liners? Check out Easi Recycling's Longopac Dart Drop test

This video is designed to help you appreciate how strong the longopac bags really is, and the benefits of this technology for your business.

The strength of the Longopac liner is almost 4 times stronger than normal bags.

At the end of the day strength of your replacement liner is always an issue, especially in reducing the chance of contamination and for hygienic reasons, not having to douple bag your waste is essential.

How to section of our Longopac Videos

Easi Recycling - Assembly instruction
for Longopac Stand and Cassette

Easi way to change a Longopac

Keep those Juices in - No Leaky Bags or
Double Bagging from Easi Recycling

Easi Recycling - What makes these bags
so Hygienic- How to correctly replace