• Small Cardboard and Plastic Baler – Orwak 3110

    The small yet tough and versatile baler is ideal for both cardboard and plastic. Bale trolley is always included for easy transportation. Press force: 4 ton Bale weight cardboard/plastic: up to 50 kg / 70 kg

    THE ORWAK COMPACT 3110 is perfect for companies with small amounts of packaging waste. The low height in combination with the small footprint make it fit where you need it to be! It is a small but effective baler and it gives a volume reduction up to 7:1.

    Orwak benefits Small footprint COMPACT MORE PRODUCTIVE USE OF TIME Less time spent on waste handling, more time for your core activities! MORE SPACE & ORDER

    Our balers rapidly minimise the space the waste takes up, keeping aisles free and tidy.

    LESS COSTS, MORE VALUE More compaction = less waste volume to transport. Fewer transports required results in lower transportation costs and reduced CO2 emissions. Sorting at source yields a higher quality of waste material for recycling.

    Click here for Specification on the 3110 Waste Baler

    $9,995.00 $8,995.00
    $9,995.00 $8,995.00