COVID 19 – Longopac Maxi Bin (Large)


Ideal for bagging larger volumes of waste and general waste

Standard bags are nearly 4 times stronger than a standard waste bags to avoid double bagging. We also offer, strong, extra strong and mega strong for heavy waste

Dimensions: 570 x 1055mm
Opening dimensions: 420mm, 190L Capacity


COVID 19 – Longopac Recommended Maxi Waste Bin


HYGIENIC • Bags are replaced and sealed from the outside – no contact with the waste • Spillages around the aperture are collected in the next bag. • Simple to clean

EFFICIENT • Loaded with a bag cassette up to 110 m in length. • New bag always in place. • Bag always securely sealed. • Quick bag change – saves time. • Variable bag size for flexible replacement intervals

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY • Longopac bag material is made from 3-ply polyethene, which gives low raw material consumption and high strength. • Longopac is also available in certified compostable biodegradable plastic. • Variable bag size always ensures that bags are 100 per cent full. • Independent life cycle studies show less than a

1/3 carbon dioxide compared to traditional refuse bags. • Customers can calculate their environmental savings using Paxxo’s CO2 calculator and Paxxo can issue CO2 emission certificates as proof of the CO2 saving

Height mm Width mm Depth Weight kg Opening

1055             650         595.      5,0           Ø425