COVID-19 Sale – 6 Longopac Mini Stand Starter Pack

$990.00 $799.00

Starter pack of 6 Longopac mini stands and 6 cassettes.

Choose your preferred bag colour: Clear (soft plastics), Yellow (mixed recycling), Red (general waste), Black (general waste), Green (food scraps), Blue (paper or glass). 


$990.00 $799.00

COVID-19 Longopac Mini Waste Stands

Set of Six Stands with Cassettes holding 4,200 litres of waste each.

Longopac is the most hygienic way to bag waste, here’s why –

  • No contact is made with the waste in the bag
  • Every bag is tied and sealed
  • Residue from the entry goes into the inside of the next bag
  • Bags are 4 times stronger than a standard bag