Longopac Midi Dynamic Pedal Lid Zinc Coated Waste Bin 125L


Zinc coated Longopac Waste bin with pedal and lid –

Making this the ideal solution for situations where hygiene and germ control are a priority. Hospitals, Surgery, Care Homes, Food Preparation and Manufacturing

  • Robust foot pedal operated lid for hygienic waste disposal
  • Zinc Coated
  • Smooth plastic wheels for easy transportation of waste
  • Ideal for food manufacturing & heavy industrial applications
    Capacity: 125L
    Dimensions: 496 x 952mm


COVID 19 – Longopac Recommended Zinc Coated Waste Bin with Pedal and Lid

Ideal for Kitchens, Healthcare, Food Manufacturing

HYGIENIC • Bags are replaced and sealed from the outside – no contact with the waste • Spillages around the aperture are collected in the next bag. • Simple to clean

Complete with Pedal and Lid for absolute containment of germs and odours

EFFICIENT • Loaded with a bag cassette up to 90 m in length. • New bag always in place. • Bag always securely sealed. • Quick bag change – saves time. • Variable bag size for flexible replacement intervals

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY • Longopac bag material is made from 3-ply polyethylene, which gives low raw material consumption and high strength. • Longopac is also available in certified compostable biodegradable plastic. • Variable bag size always ensures that bags are 100 per cent full

Independent life cycle studies show less than a 1/3 carbon dioxide compared to traditional refuse bags. • Customers can calculate their environmental saving using Paxxo’s CO2 calculator and Paxxo can issue CO2 emission certificates as proof of the CO2 saving

  • waste can be tied off after every use without wasting bag
  • bags are replaced and sealed from the outside
  • there is no direct contact with the waste
  • every bag is tied and sealed
  • self cleaning entry to the bag
  • the bag is 4 times stronger than a traditional waste bag
  • choice of 6 colours