Top rated Product
  • Longopac Scissors

    Scissors come with grey holder and wire connector.

  • COVID 19 – Longopac Maxi Waste Bin with 8,400 litre Bag

    Ideal for bagging larger volumes of waste and general waste

    Standard bags are nearly 4 times stronger than a standard waste bags to avoid double bagging. We also offer, strong, extra strong and mega strong for heavy waste

    Dimensions: 570 x 1055mm
    Opening dimensions: 420mm, 190L Capacity

    $305.00 $220.00
    $305.00 $220.00
  • Longopac Maxi Grab Lid

    • Lid for Longopac Maxi Stand
    • Optional extra lid labels available to promote recycling and encourage correct waste segregation
      Diameter: 420mm
  • Orwak 5030 – General Waste Compactor

    Orwak General Waste Compactor

    The in-bag 5030 compactor was the very core of our business during the pioneering years of the 1970s. This versatile, sturdy and easy-to-use unit is still going strong and offers hygienic compaction of mixed waste. The compaction ratio of up to 10:1 is impressive!

    Click here for Specification on the 5030 Waste Baler

    Watch the Orwak 5030 Video

    $11,995.00 $9,995.00
    $11,995.00 $9,995.00
  • Longopac Mini Tilt Lid Waste Stand

    • Make your business Covid-19 Safe with the Longopac mini waste bin with Lid

      • Improves hygiene, saves time and money, increases productivity
      • Floor standing bin that can be easily wheeled around
      • Base plate and head made of durable PP, aluminium legs and galvanised steel wheels


    • Dimensions: 350 x 850mm
      Opening dimension: 290mm
  • Longopac Mini Grab Lid

    • Lid for the Longopac Mini Stand
    • Optional extra lid labels available to promote recycling and encourage correct waste segregation
      Diameter: 290mm
  • Longopac Flex Kitchen and Washroom Waste Bin – with 60 metre cassettes

    Kitchen, Washroom Longopac Waste Basket

    The most hygienic way to bag waste

    Special Offer – Longopac Mini Waste Basket complete with 4,200 litre cassette

    Our most economical continuous bagging set up

    • Ideal for washrooms, office, canteen, healthcare, kitchens
    • Can also be mounted to work desks
    • Powder coated steel liner refill holder
      Dimensions: 374 x 264 x 159mm, 90L capacity
    $105.00 $99.00
    $105.00 $99.00
  • Longopac Flex Mini Trolley

    • Flexible and mountable on most cleaning carts
    • Variable bag size for flexible changing intervals.
    • Quick bag replacement – less than 30 seconds.
    • Variable bag size always ensures bags are 100 % full.
    • Life cycle analyses shows that it has 1/3 of the environmental
      load compared to traditional bags.
    • Easy Installation
      Dimensions: 374 x 264 x 159mm (w x d x h)
      Opening dimension: 284 x 164mm
  • Small Cardboard and Plastic Baler – Orwak 3110

    The small yet tough and versatile baler is ideal for both cardboard and plastic. Bale trolley is always included for easy transportation. Press force: 4 ton Bale weight cardboard/plastic: up to 50 kg / 70 kg

    THE ORWAK COMPACT 3110 is perfect for companies with small amounts of packaging waste. The low height in combination with the small footprint make it fit where you need it to be! It is a small but effective baler and it gives a volume reduction up to 7:1.

    Orwak benefits Small footprint COMPACT MORE PRODUCTIVE USE OF TIME Less time spent on waste handling, more time for your core activities! MORE SPACE & ORDER

    Our balers rapidly minimise the space the waste takes up, keeping aisles free and tidy.

    LESS COSTS, MORE VALUE More compaction = less waste volume to transport. Fewer transports required results in lower transportation costs and reduced CO2 emissions. Sorting at source yields a higher quality of waste material for recycling.

    Click here for Specification on the 3110 Waste Baler

    $9,995.00 $7,995.00
    $9,995.00 $7,995.00
  • Longopac Wall Mounted Mini Tilt Lid Waste Bin

    Wall or rack mounted Mini Waste Stand with Lid

    Ideal for a fixed bin solution, warehousing and manufacturing.

    Can also be mounted high for folklift use when gathering waste or plastics in warehousing

    $195.00 $136.50
    $195.00 $136.50
  • Orwak Cardboard Baler 3620

    This is the real heavy-duty model for very large volumes of cardboard boxes. It offers effective compaction into dense bales with ideal dimensions for optimal transport logistics. 3820 is equipped with an automatic shutter that goes up in less than 2 seconds.

    Press force: 52 ton

    Bale weight cardboard: up to 450 kg

    Click here for Specification PDF


  • Longopac Maxi Food Grade Waste Bags 110 Metres

    Order more than 10 waste bags and get FREE delivery!

    Available in Blue or Clear

    This bag cassette is certified by Normpack (Swedish Code for Food Packaging Materials) for the handling of food and pharma.

    • Ultra strong 3-ply polyethylene ensures low usage
    • Variable bag size always ensures bags are 100% full
    • Much stronger and thinner than traditional waste bags
    • Strength / Size: Standard (110m)