Facilities Integrate Expo Offer – 2 Bay Mini Recycling Station

$1,090.00 $793.00

Front of House & Office Recycling Stations

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  • Ideal for areas that require efficient sorting at source, such as , front of house, corridors, kitchen, staff restaurants, food outlets and conference rooms
  • Bespoke waste streams available inc. liquids and confidential waste (GDPR)
    Dimensions: 565 x 440 x 1000 mm

HYGIENIC • No waste ends up outside the bag. • No waste on the floor – not even during bag change. • No contact with the waste.

EFFICIENT • Loaded with a 60 metre bag cassette. • New bag always in place. • Bag always securely sealed. • Quicker bag changes. • Flexible service intervals. • Less cleaning. • Always 100 % fill level.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY • The Longopac bag material is made from 3-ply polyethylene, which combines low consumption of raw material with a high level of strength. • Customers can calculate their environmental saving using the Paxxos CO2 calculator and Paxxo is able to issue CO2 emission certificates of the CO2 saving.


$1,090.00 $793.00

Front of House & Office Recycling Bins

Download our latest brochure here – Office Recycling Stations and Bins

Multi Bin Recycling Station is a modular system for waste management and sorting at source. The system can be combined with different fractions; the cabinets are customised for 1–4 fractions. Bin Multi is suitable for areas that require efficient sorting at source, such as corridors, kitchenettes and conference rooms. The cabinet can, of course, be placed in any dry environment. The cabinet is also available in the very popular, special version for disposable cups. Bin Multi does not take up much more space than a large waste basket but the Longopac bagging system that is used inside all the cabinets makes waste management more efficient and reduces both costs and environmental impact.

Each piece of furniture is equipped with a decal on the top with information about what should be thrown in each aperture. What all cabinets have in common is the Longopac system. The system really comes into its own when sorting at source, since it is possible to change the bags for all fractions and only use the exact amount of film needed for each fraction. The cabinet is emptied without half empty bags being thrown away.

The product is made in Sweden. The material is melamine and high pressure laminate. The modular pieces of furniture are available in the colours white and grey. Other colours are available by special order. Both Bin Bullet, Multi and Tower are loaded with Longopac cassette Mini, which is available in different strengths and colours. The cassette is also available in 100 % compostable material for food waste; Longopac Biodegradable.